As a result of decades of irrigation experience and advanced industry knowledge dating back to the 1970s, American Lawn and Sprinkler is confident that our commercial lawn sprinkler system expertise goes unsurpassed.

We Are the Commercial Irrigation Experts

Our proficiency in customized lawn sprinkler system installations, renovations, and repairs, along with our expert troubleshooting and innovative problem resolution, allow us to provide quality service on complex irrigation jobs that most of our competitors would pass on doing. American Lawn & Sprinkler has satisfied commercial irrigation customers across New Jersey and the rest of the state.

American Lawn & Sprinkler’s approach to irrigation is also proactive through our lawn sprinkler system monitoring and maintenance services. This saves our clients money when it comes to the repair, renovation, and replacement expenses that frequently occur with unattended, neglected irrigation systems.

We have irrigation-design certified and licensed irrigation contractors on staff, as well as commercial-certified backflow testers. Owner Steven Rogers served as a past president of the Irrigation Association.

The Benefits of Being Our Client

American Lawn & Sprinkler’s technicians and technician supervisors provide optimal expertise in all of the irrigation services we offer and are experienced in using state-of-the-art irrigation technology and equipment. By having our own well-stocked warehouse filled with irrigation equipment and parts, we can immediately address our clients’ needs without delaying repairs to order parts.

Our clients benefit from 24/7 emergency service and immediate responses to phone and email inquiries. Rather than give a window of time for service calls that wastes customers’ valuable time, we dispatch calls so customers know when our technicians will arrive. At American Lawn & Sprinkler, once a service call is initiated, our technicians stay on the job until it is completed.

Irrigation services provided by American Lawn & Sprinkler guarantee minimal property disturbance to existing turf and landscapes, and our seamless workmanship ensures we never leave behind a mess. We offer our customers the latest innovations in lawn sprinkler systems that are environmentally friendly and conserve on water and energy, such as state-of-the-art smart controllers, rain sensors, and water-saving sprinklers.

American Lawn & Sprinkler’s commercial irrigation services include lawn sprinkler system…

  • Installations
  • Reconfigurations and expansions
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Winterization
  • Backflow testing

For the safety of our clients and crew, American Lawn & Sprinkler of New Jersey maintains all necessary insurances, certifications, and licensures and adheres to strict regulations compliance.


  • Commercial Irrigation System Installation
  • Commercial Irrigation Re-configurations
  • Commercial Irrigation Expansion
  • Commercial Irrigation Maintenance
  • Commercial Irrigation Troubleshooting
  • Commercial Irrigation Repairs
  • Commercial Irrigation Winterization
  • Commercial Irrigation Backflow Testing


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